Rained Out – Minnesota Valley State Park – Hiking Club

July 2017

Today was one of those days when you and the meteorologist think it’s going to be a perfect day for a hike, until you’re halfway through that hike and reality hits you with a giant or should I say many giant rain drops.

Since it WAS suppose to be such a nice day, we decided to check off the next closes hiking club trail to us at the Minnesota Valley State Park. Just minutes from the Twin Cities, the Minnesota Valley Recreational Area, in the Lawrence area of the park, is where this 4 mile hiking club trail begins. The shelter house in this area is where you can find the stamp for the Passport Club as well. This very “naturous” hike started out great with abundant views of green foliage, full tree tops and colorful flora sprinkled in, but it slowly went for a turn of the not-so-great as we progressed through the hike. The overgrown grass and plants that covered the trail got taller and taller the farther we hiked in and it tickled the heck out of my legs, but I was fine with that, tickle away! Yes, the bugs sucked a lot, especially the further in we got into the park, but we were already fully prepared with bug spray. I think when it really took its turn for the not-so-great was when my hubs decided to say innocently enough “a little rain would be nice”. The powers that be must have heard him because right when we got to the hiking club trail password, down it came. Lighting, thunder, pouring rain and no cover or shelter in site. We ended up mucking our way back towards the trail head through a “shortcut” (says the hubs) and found ourselves fully drenched on the side of the highway that brought us to the park. Double checking that we were headed in the right direction (since I don’t have a whole lot of confidence in my sence of direction), we ran the rest of the way, in the pouring rain, back to where our car was parked.

So after all that, we didn’t fully get through the whole trail but we did get to the password before we got soaked from head to toe.

Trail signs at the beginning of the path.
Minnesota Valley flora.
The least overgrown part of this trail.
Lake and viewing area near the beginning of the trail.
Sign for foot path to the river off the hiking club trail.
Foot path to the Minnesota River.
This tombstone marker was right off the side of the trail.
2017-07-19 16.55.34
Hiking Club password. Before the downpour.
Post-hike, soaked clothing.

I’m not sure when we will get back to this trail again to finish it out, but if you plan on doing this trail anytime soon be prepared for an overgrown untamed trail and even more so, untamed bugs. Also keep an eye out for any of those rouge Minnesota thunderstorms. 😉


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