Gearing up.

Just reserved our first camping trip of the year for the hubby and me. I’ve started getting a list together of what we’ll need for this and future camping trips. We are starting a bit late this year since we were busy with a new job, going to weddings, and planning and having one of our own weddings this past June. Now that things have died down a bit and we are able to get ourselves some camping time in finally. Our goal is to start minimalizing our camping gear and taking less with us when we camp. Usually we do the normal drive-in sites, where we can have as much crap at the site as we want without having to lug it around. This year we decided to start doing more rustic, walk-in sites and maybe even some hiking/backpacking sites. Guess we’ll see how well it all goes very soon! šŸ˜‰

I also just started the Minnesota State Parks’ Hiking Club and the Minnesota State Parks and Trails Passport Club. Check it out if you are into hiking or camping. You can earn yourself some badges, a plaque and, even free nights of camping!


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